File Submission

Printing At Barnard works in an Acrobat workflow environment. That means we want you to provide us with a properly constructed Acrobat PDF file whenever possible. Other files may change formatting as they move from your computer to our computers. (For more information on job design and file formats, see our Print and Design Help section.)

You may submit your file to Print Services in various ways:

  • Place the file(s) in our secure Printing At Barnard Dropbox (up to 2GB in size). (See screen shot below.) This is the preferred method.

  • If you have saved your Job Order Form, you may also select and upload it along with your file. Otherwise, send the Order Form separately by email. In the Message box where you provided your phone, please write if you are including the Job Order Form with the file or sending it separately by email.
  • When all information has been entered and your file(s) selected, press
  • Other options for sending files
    • 1Bring your file to Print Services on a CD/DVD, USB key, or portable USB hard drive
    • Email as an attachment to Printing At Barnard (20-25MB maximum size)

Please do not come to Business Operations and ask to use our computers to download an attachment from your email account. This displaces our staff, takes extra time, and provides additional security risks to our computers.