New Copiers

Important Information Regarding New Copiers

(Updated as of September 2, 2011)

We have recently replaced the College's fleet of copiers with 37 new Ricoh multi-function printers (mfp’s). These new mfp's have enhanced functionality. All have disk overwrite security to protect your data. Furthermore, all scan in color, 26 copy and print in color, and almost half the fleet have “usb 2.0” slots for scanning to usb drives or “keys.”

All the new copiers have now been installed, users codes have been uploaded, and default settings applied. New default settings include 1-sided to 2-sided copying and printing to conserve paper. In addition, all machines go into an energy saving or sleep mode after one hour of inactivity.

Print Driver Installations

  • We have created the Web Base Driver Installer (WBDI) site for self-installation of print drivers on user computers. Downloadable print drivers are now available at the web site below for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X computers.

WBDI page       (This web site is only accessible from Barnard buildings.)

  • Please install the new printer as soon as possible. After testing, you should remove your old printer from your printer list.
  • Windows users should go to the site above, locate the printer you want to install by Building, Floor and BAR#. Then click on the download link to install the printer for either the 32-bit* or 64-bit* driver, depending on your operating system. After installation, you will need to add your User Code in the Valid Access tab under Printer Preferences. . Go to our Print Driver Installation page for detailed instructions.
  • Macintosh print drivers are suppored for Mac OS X 10.5 and up. After installing the printer, you must enter your User Code in the print dialog box Job Log screen. Go to our Print Driver Installation page for detailed instructions.
  • If you need personal technical support with a printer installation, call the 24-hour Ricoh Help Desk at 800-333-2679. They can walk you through most issues.

*Unsure of what whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system? For Windows XP, select the 32-bit version of the driver. For Windows 7, simply right-click My Computer, or Computer, from the Start Menu and select Properties. The Operating system type and version will be displayed in the main viewing area of the window that appears. If you have any questions on obtaining this information, please contact the Service Desk at 212-854-7172.

Scan-to-email changes

  • The new Ricoh mfp’s are linked to the Barnard LDAP (email directory) server, so you can search for and select email addresses of faculty, staff, and students by part of their Name or Department. You can also save names and associated email addresses to the Ricoh Address Book. Click here for the instructions on both Search and Save to Address Book.

User Codes

  • Most user codes remain the same, but some academic departments requested a change. Please consult your departmental administrator or assistant. The department user codes will reside on all the Ricoh mfp’s around campus.
  • Please do not give your departmental code to student employees. Instead, request a special student code from Print Services that will be linked to your department, but that can be changed easily each year. Student codes will only be put on the copiers closest to the department.