Jen Brown, our Design and Technologies Librarian, will be presenting at the 3rd National Joint Conference of Librarians of Color!

The conference, titled “Gathering all Peoples: Embracing Culture & Community” will take place September 26-30, 2018 at the Albuquerque Convention Center in  New Mexico. 

Jen will hold a workshop, "We Here: Community Building as Self Care." This workshop is intended to be a counterspace for library workers of color to build community through the act of co-creation. We will model an intentional space to deconstruct the ways in which we are forced to suppress our own identities. Our approach will be to foster discussion of our experiences as we explore strategies that allow us to employ an intersectional lens through creative activities. We will engage in radical self care as we build a community counternarrative in a low stakes environment. This space will be a place for relieving stress and working through the many issues we face in our careers. Workshop attendees will co-create a design project in small groups. Potential creations could include zines, postcards, self-care calendars, digital spaces, letters of encouragement, poetry. Some key issues we hope to encourage attendees to design around are impostor syndrome, lack of opportunities for career growth, “professionalism”, the problem with diversity committees, the fallacy of neutrality, the power of mentorship, white fragility, being an “only”, hiring processes, LIS curriculum and education, and other issues unique to their identit(ies). Limited supplies will be provided and participants are encouraged to bring their digital devices and their own ideas for creative exploration. We hope to showcase any collaborative creations in the “We Here” online spaces to continue building upon the corpus of POC experiences in LIS.

We are also thrilled to have funded five library student workers to participate in the conference: Aliyah, Hawa, and Naledi from circulation, Tamsin from the archives, and Jade from the zine library. The project to send students to JCLC was beautifully led by Humanities and Global Studies Librarian Vani Natarajan.