11 people registered
20? people participated
4 new Wikipedians
4 new articles created
2 articles created
3 pizzas consumed

Above are the stats from last month's Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon. Using the papers of artist and activist Sabra Moore, participants contributed to Wikipedia's coverage of women artists working for social justice in the 1970's-'90s. New articles were created on Marina Gutierrez, the Harlem on My Mind protest, PESTS, Sabra Moore, and the Women Artists Visibility Event (W.A.V.E) / Let MoMA Know demonstration. 

Participants also identified 26 "women in red," meaning notable figures who lacked Wikipedia entries, creating placeholder pages where future Wikipedians can add information--out of these 26, two are now blue because they were given entries! 

Detailed information about the event and its outcomes can be found on its event page. Art & Architecture Librarian Meredith Wisner led the event, which was part of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia initiative.