The following message was sent to the Barnard community on April 11, 2019:


Dear Barnard Community,
I am pleased to announce that Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services will be our new dining service provider beginning in July 2019. This decision represents the culmination of a yearlong, community-wide process involving town halls and other discussions with students, staff, and faculty. Chartwells will oversee and operate food services at Hewitt Dining Hall, The Diana Center Café, Liz’s Place, and Peet’s at The Milstein Center.
Starting last fall, a College committee consisting of students and staff conducted a thorough, competitive bid process, interviewed vendors, and performed site visits. We wish to thank everyone who participated in this rigorous evaluation and selection process. We also wish to thank Aramark for their service over the past three decades. From helping our students with activities like Big Sub and Midnight Breakfast to the care and dedication of the Aramark staff, we are grateful for their involvement at Barnard throughout the years.
Chartwells will bring a fresh energy to our dining program, with a focus on food as a central point of our campuswide efforts around health and wellness. Chartwells will source many of its produce and proteins from local farms and vendors, and will have an on-site, full-time dietician to help students with their nutritional needs and questions. They will also provide offerings that meet students’ variety of dietary requirements.
The Chartwells program will also be a sustainable one. Partnering with our Sustainable Practices Committee, Chartwells will focus on reducing Barnard’s carbon footprint by eliminating food waste through composting, recycling, the use of reusable packaging, and a commitment to innovation. 
This summer, Chartwells will update the Hewitt Dining Hall, The Diana Center second-floor café, and Liz’s Place. In the summer of 2020, they will undertake a multimillion-dollar renovation of Hewitt Dining Hall, making it much more inviting and efficient. We will, of course, seek student input during this process.
It’s important to note that under the new contract, the popular dining exchange with Columbia will remain as is: Columbia students can take advantage of our dining services, and Barnard students have access to Ferris Booth, JJ’s, and John Jay. Also, since many of you have expressed concerns about the status of current dining service employees, rest assured that Chartwells will interview all existing hourly staff as part of the transition, with the intent of hiring every qualified associate to be part of the new team.
Answers to additional questions can be found here: Barnard/Chartwells Partnership FAQs. Chartwells will be on campus today to provide information and answer any questions you may have. Stop by and see them at the Barnard main gate (or The Diana Center lobby in case of inclement weather).
This is an exciting time for Barnard. The campus is renewed and energized by the recent addition of The Milstein Center, and we see a top-to-bottom refresh of our dining program as further enhancing student life, making Barnard the dining destination it should be.
Rob Goldberg
Chief Operating Officer