NEW YORK, April 11, 2019 — Barnard College announced today that Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services will serve as the College’s new dining provider, operating food services at Hewitt Dining Hall, The Diana Center Café, Liz’s Place, and Peet’s at The Milstein Center. Chartwells is a proven leader in providing dining services in higher education.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chartwells to make Barnard a dining destination. Chartwells’ experience in higher education puts them in a great position to develop an excellent dining program that serves the needs of our students and the broader Barnard community,” said Chief Operating Officer Rob Goldberg. “We thank Aramark, who served the Barnard community well for more than 30 years. The selection process was extremely competitive, and we are grateful to the administrators and students who participated.”

Chartwells will offer a sustainable dining program to meet the dietary requirements of Barnard students while fostering personal wellness and self-care.

“We look forward to providing fresh, nutritious dining options paired with exceptional guest service to the Barnard community,” said Chartwells CEO Lisa McEuen. “Our dining programs bring students together through engaging and interactive events and offer opportunities for students to become more involved in their campus dining experience.”

This summer, Chartwells will update the Hewitt Dining Hall, The Diana Center second-floor café, and Liz’s Place. In the summer of 2020, they will undertake a multimillion-dollar renovation of Hewitt Dining Hall, making it much more inviting and efficient. The Chartwells program will also be a sustainable one. Partnering with the College’s Sustainable Practices Committee, Chartwells will focus on reducing Barnard’s carbon footprint by eliminating food waste through composting, recycling, the use of reusable packaging, and a commitment to innovation. 

Chartwells will work closely with students to help shape the program, introduce technology to ensure greater access to menus and improved service, and engage the community not only to support ongoing traditions such as the Big Sub and Midnight Breakfast, but also to establish new traditions. Furthermore, Chartwells is committed to partnering with the community to tackle issues of food insecurity.

The Columbia-Barnard Meal Exchange will remain intact under the new contract, allowing Columbia students to take advantage of Barnard dining services. Likewise, Barnard students will continue to have access to Ferris Booth, JJ’s, and John Jay.