Someone has to do it first. But what does it take? Being the First showcases trailblazers, pioneers, and those who were “the first” in their field. Taking a look at the journey it took to get there, these candid discussions aim to destroy stereotypes and explore strategies to accomplish personal, professional, and societal goals.

Dana Canedy is the first woman, the first person of color, and the youngest person to lead The Pulitzer Prizes in its 101-year history. She spoke with Julie Zeilinger '15—editor, writer, and founder of the first online platform for teen feminists, the FBomb—about her experiences getting there. Enjoy this installment of Being the First for an inside look at being a first generation student, sound advice on mastering the basics of your craft, and how to recover from your mistakes. Canedy shares her thoughts on these topics:

Life Lessons

Check back soon for the video of Reinventing Superheroes with Sana Amanat '04 and Professor Hussein Rashid.

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