In the New York Daily News, Barnard junior Brooke Jaffe '14 is quoted in an article about Re-Mission 2, a series of video games intended to help children and teens with cancer battle their diseases. An excerpt:

"Feeling as if you have a measure of control is important for kids, said cancer survivor Brooke Jaffe, a 21-year-old Barnard College student who served as a consultant for the games.

Cancer is "this thing that kind of has been acted upon you and exists in you, but you are not in control of it," Jaffe said. "I think it's really hard even with treatment options to feel like you're doing anything. It feels more like you are a passive object being acted upon."

Jaffe was successfully treated for papillary carcinoma, or thyroid cancer, the summer after her freshman year of college. The next summer, HopeLab recruited her to help critique the visual and game play elements of the Re-Mission 2 games.

Jaffe, an avid gamer, called the games fun and kid-friendly “without a lot of blood and guts on the screen.""