A letter by Chloe Hawkey ’16 in today's New York Times responds to an opinion piece in the Sunday Review section, “What’s the Point of a Professor,” in which Emory University professor Mark Bauerlein laments that today’s college students rarely seek out extra intellectual engagement with their professors or view them as mentors. But Hawkey’s letter says there are still many engaged students on college campuses.

“We are here, the students who want mentors, who seek a 'meaningful philosophy on life,' who value 'the free inquisitive space of the Ivory Tower.' We may not be numerous (according to Mark Bauerlein, we certainly are not), but we exist.” She draws on her Barnard experience, saying “Particularly inspiring lectures (the best I’ve had have been on public intellectuals and Romantic poetry), heated seminar debates and enlightening office-hour conversations—these are what motivate me to stay in the library translating Latin and writing papers…”

Read the full letter here.

Also in The New York Times, Chloe was mentioned as one of the students who took a seminar with Columbia's Prof. Eric Foner about the history of the University's relationship with slavery. She and other students presented their research to President Bollinger, in a meeting covered by the paper.