This past summer, more than 120 Barnard students participated in the College's first annual Summer Research Institute (SRI). Building on Barnard's long-standing tradition of faculty-student research collaborations and summer research opportunities, this dynamic new program was shaped by faculty members from across scientific disciplines. SRI students received compensation and housing support from a variety of sources: Barnard endowment funds for student research; institutional support from the Provost’s Office; faculty grants from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and NASA; and institutional grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Con Edison, Amgen, and the Sherman Fairchild Foundation.

Thanks to all of these donors, SRI created a cohort of students from astronomy, biology, chemistry, neuroscience, physics, and psychology. Rather than students only doing research in their labs in an isolated way, they became part of a community of researchers. SRI enabled them to connect with one another through regular events such as lectures, panels, trainings, and a culminating poster session. “Really it allows students to see the connections among the various branches of science,” says Prof. Christian Rojas, a co-chair of the SRI committee. “I want them to understand that science is an extremely collaborative activity, not only within one’s own field but also across disciplines.”

This above video showcases the experiences of the student scientists and highlights their research. View their stories or watch presentations from the SRI culminating poster session below.