Sadie Dupuis, guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist of indie rock band Speedy Ortiz, returned to Barnard with the release of her new poetry book Mouthguard. This book came just six months after Speedy Ortiz's critically-acclaimed third album, Twerp Verse, which The New York Times called "the band's most accessible offering yet, with a slight pop gloss on top of the deadpan, grungy indie rock that defined their previous two albums." In 2016, Dupuis, under the name Sad13, released the solo album Slugger with "songs that put affirmative consent at the heart of the subject matter and emphasize friendship among women." She was joined by mentor Saskia Hamilton, professor of English, to discuss her time at Barnard, feminism, her music career, and poetry and treated the audience to a rare solo performance.

Co-sponsored by Women Poets at Barnard.

An Evening with Sadie Dupuis '11