Welcoming the Class of 2017

Faces of Barnard photographers introduce a few of the incoming first-year students.

For the 580 first-year students arriving at Barnard, move-in week meant decorating dorm rooms, meeting roommates, scoping out the neighborhood’s best take-out, and finding favorite spots on campus. Faces of Barnard, the student photographers who capture the Barnard experience through profiles of students, set out across campus to document move-in week. Below, they introduce us to just a few of the new faces we’ll be seeing this year. [Click on the photos to read more from the students.]



Kat Whatley is half Australian, half American, grew up in Japan, and is thrilled to be in New York City now, she told Faces of Barnard outside of Milbank Hall. “Everything is in the city, it’s yours to go out and get and explore,” which she plans to do with the friends she makes from among the “cool group of women” that make up the student body. Kat is deciding between an economics and a history major, and hopes to join a literary magazine. She’s excited to take "Legacy of the Mediterranean" for her first-year seminar and first-year English class, but hopes to have time to do some reading on her own as well.

On day one of NSOP, we joined Lizzie Benzik (left) and Ziqing Wang on Lehman Lawn for a BBQ with their orientation group. On top of Lizzie's New York to-do list is seeing ballet and contemporary-dance performances. "Back home in Michigan, there weren't many opportunities to see great dancing," says the aspiring choreographer. Lizzie may not miss the Michigan dance scene, but she will certainly miss Sir Winston, her cat. "My friends and family and I can Skype, but the cat gets mad when you try and hold him in front of the computer screen.”

Ziqing cannot wait to "know the city better" and go to cool places with friends. But before she can hop on the 1 train, she has some unpacking to do: "My room is a total mess right now—I brought way too much stuff!" Hailing from Dalian, China, Zinqing says the best advice she's received so far is to "be yourself," so she is excited to explore her interests at Barnard, and is looking forward to a great year.

Anna Montserrat Guerrero (Montsie) is from the Philippines. She was on her way to a first meeting with her advisor when she stopped to chat with Faces of Barnard in front of Barnard Hall. A dancer who plans to major in economics, Montsie says she’s excited to learn from “world-class professors” and get involved in myriad dance groups on campus, one of the main things that drew her to Barnard in the first place.

We met Kiana Harris (right) and her mother, Pamela Harris ’88, from Freeport, N.Y., in the lobby of Brooks Hall. Kiana is not only excited to be a student, but she’s also thrilled to be joining a family legacy. Her mother studied economics at Barnard, and her mother’s sister is also an alumna. “When I was a kid, I would always hear them talking about Barnard,” she says. Still, it wasn’t until Kiana did the Pre-College Program that that she fell in love with the College. She hopes to major in chemistry, “but I’m open to to other things.” It’s an idea Pamela supports, and advises her daughter: “Keep an open mind. Take advantage of everything, and explore.”

Kiki Mackaman-Lofland (left) of Seattle, a transfer student from the University of Washington, and Maddie Harrison, a transfer student from College of the Holy Cross, were chatting in The Diana Center when we met them. Kiki can’t wait to explore all the city has to offer, though she admits that may come at the expense of scuba diving, a favorite hobby. She came to Barnard because of its offerings as a small liberal-arts college within a large university. She’s impressed with how much time her advisors have already taken to get to know her.

Meantime, Maddie has a mission—she’s on a green-space hunt. She loves scouting out bits of park around the urban landscape. She also enjoys racing sailboats, but may find that challenging to do in the city as well. She’s excited to be at Barnard, having been already drawn in by the strong personalities of Barnard women, who are “willing to argue about everything, who want to get involved, who are as in your face as I am!”

Emma Sukenik is one of four first-years in the dual-degree program with the Jewish Theological Seminary. Emma is from New Rochelle and paused in front of the Barnard Gates to tell Faces of Barnard that she is already planning to get involved with journalism, soccer, and community service, taking to heart her brother’s reminder that college isn’t just about schoolwork. “You’re also living there,” he told her. Emma is especially excited to go to concerts in the city; these days, she’s loving the British singer/songwriter Ben Howard.

A Brooklyn native, Aharisi Bonner is used to city life, so the biggest change will be acclimating to dorm life too. Faces of Barnard caught her in the lobby of Sulzberger Hall, perusing local take-out choices. A member of Barnard’s Emerging Leaders Program and former member of the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program, Aharisi has friends at Barnard and looks forward to making more. In addition to socializing, she enjoys baking, public speaking, and soap operas. She wants to take time to “appreciate the amazing women at Barnard,” and treasure that she “made it this far, that everything I’ve done up until now meant something.”

Faces of Barnard found Agnes Carlowicz unpacking her belongings in her new room in Reid Hall. A Princeton, N.J., native, Agnes says she’s excited to live in Manhattan, and views coming to Barnard as “the start of life.” She says she’s already spent plenty of time looking out her window and “enjoying the view of life in New York City.” She is eager to start exploring the city, and already has her MetroCard in hand!

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Photographs and interviews by Faces of Barnard photographers Shaoyu Liu '15, and Ayelet Pearl BC/JTS '14.

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