Co-edited by Hana Worthen, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies

Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

In this pioneering volume, a group of "third generation" scholars subject the contested ligature between Finland and the Holocaust to critique. Finland's Holocaust: Silences of History traces the implications of antisemitism in Finland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, through Finland's alliance with the Third Reich during much of World War II, to the complex negotiation with its wartime past. Taking up a range of issues - from cultural history, folklore, the arts, and sports, to the interpretation of military and national history - this collection examines how modern Finnish memory and the writing of history have both engaged and evaded the figure of the Holocaust. As the first English-language introduction to the changing position of Finland in contemporary international Holocaust historiography, Finland's Holocaust is essential reading for any student of antisemitism and the Holocaust, providing a critical perspective on the role of political and cultural historiography in modern Finland.