Prepared remarks for Commencement 2013 by Senior Fund co-chairs Lauren Hancock '13 and Jennie Ostendorf '13.

Lauren: Congratulations to the class of 2013!  I’m Lauren Hancock.

Jennie: And I’m Jennie Ostendorf.  And we are your Senior Fund Co-Chairs. 

Lauren: At the beginning of this school year, we reached out to our classmates in hopes of selecting a designation of our Senior Class Gift that would embody the essence of our class and our time here at Barnard.  In honor of our commitment to reducing Barnard’s impact on the Environment, and our class color “green,” our class has selected a Sustainability Initiative as the legacy we will leave to the College.

Jennie: We have been truly inspired by the support we’ve received from figures we admire within our community. In honor of her 50th reunion, an anonymous donor from Barnard’s class of 1963 donated $5,000 to our class gift when we reached 50% participation. Additionally, the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, President of the Alumnae Association Mary Ann Lo Frumento, Dean Hinkson, and our very own President Spar and her husband have all made generous contributions to our Senior Fund in response to our class’s strong participation in giving back to Barnard. 

Lauren: We are proud to announce that we have collectively raised $27,000 to support the sustainability of our campus. Exceeding participation and total giving of the past three years, 68% of our classmates have given to our Senior Fund. 

Jennie: As we leave the gates, we have made Barnard a better place than when we first arrived.  Not only will our Senior Fund make Barnard a more environmentally friendly institution, but through our gift, we have also inspired a spirit of giving, setting a new precedent for the College community.  We hope to carry on this spirit of giving as Barnard graduates, for we will always be the class of 2013, the class who took on challenges, the class who overcame obstacles, the class who inspired change.  Congratulations again on this phenomenal accomplishment and we look forward to seeing you all at our first reunion!