Barnard Center for Research on Women Director Janet Jakobsen is quoted in The Daily Beast, in an article about Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible 2016 presidential bid and the importance of her 2008 attempt. An excerpt:

"From a cultural standpoint, even though it failed, Clinton’s first run held significant meaning for women. “It created the feeling that one’s gender did not mean one could not win, even if she didn’t,” says Janet Jakobsen, director of Barnard College’s Center for Research on Women. “When Shirley Chisholm ran in 1972, it was clear that her identity meant she was never going to win. With Clinton, it didn’t seem as though her gender meant if you were a woman you could not win. That’s a big change.”

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Prof. Jakobsen's research interests include religion, gender, and sexuality in American public life; social movements and feminist alliance politics; feminist and queer ethics; and global issues of economics and violence.