Barnard women are passionate and inspired, ambitious and driven - making New York City an obvious choice for college. And because Barnard is uniquely connected to the City, students are able to supplement their on-campus experiences with unparalleled academic, social, and professional opportunities throughout the metropolis.

Physics major Haley Fica ’17 fueled her love of astronomy with an internship at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History; economics major Janice Fong ’17 held a four-year-long Smart Start internship at J.P. Morgan; and the Columbia University Musical Theater Society President Mariana Benjamin ’16 landed a position working for a renowned Broadway director.

Leading institutions in nearly every area of interest and field of study are only a subway ride away.

“One of the main draws for me about going to Barnard was the ability to be on a subway and be able to rush a Broadway show and still be able to get back to class,” said Mariana Benjamin ’16. “Going to school in New York City has allowed me to be a fly on the wall of professional theater.”

Professors can incorporate class excursions into their lesson plans, or simply take advantage of the spontaneity that Barnard’s location offers. 

 “In the middle of a painting class, we would have a heated discussion about how a particular artist actually painted a work,” said art history professor Joan Snitzer, “and instead of just looking it up in a book, we (in a snap) get on a subway, go to the Museum of Modern Art and look at the actual painting.”

The city is brimming with art, history, and intellectual thought, but it’s also just a fun place to live. 

“The students say, ‘Well you’ve gotta go to Carnegie Hall, and you’ve gotta go to the opera, and of course you have to go to the ballet. You need to find all of the museums, including the Brooklyn Museum,’” said psychology professor Robert Remez. “And once you get them to go to Brooklyn, then they know where the good pizza is.”

Women learn to lead at Barnard, but they learn to live in New York City.