Lisa Son, Associate Professor of Psychology at Barnard, has just published her new book, Metacognition: The Thinking Parent Makes the Thinking Child. In its pages, Son addresses three myths of long-term learning: (1) Fast learning is best, (2) Easy learning is best, and (3) Error-free learning is best. In each section, she uncovers classic and recent data from the cognitive and metacognitive fields of psychology that suggest that for the strongest long-term retention, slow, difficult, and error-filled learning is key. With parents in mind, the book focuses on short-term and long-term goals, providing laboratory evidence showing that short-term performance does not always lead to long-term knowledge. It also brings awareness of illusions that some parents might have. For example, we often fall for "hindsight bias," the notion that "we knew it all along," when, in fact, learning was not so easy. Bringing awareness of this and other illusions will hopefully help adults think about the best ways to help each learner apply strategies that are best for oneself.

The book is written in Korean and was an opportunity to emphasize that research is ongoing and will depend on cultural factors.