This week's Sunday Book Review section of The New York Times reviews The Home Front (Permanent Press, 2015) by Prof. Margaret Vandenburg, senior lecturer in English and director of the first-year English program.

“This sharply observed novel concerns two wars,” begins the review. There is the war in Afghanistan, on which Todd Barron deploys unmanned drones from the comfort of a Nevada air base. Then there is the war unfolding at home. Todd’s 4-year-old son, Max, is autistic, and Todd’s wife has retreated into a new-age spirituality website that tells her Max is a prophet. The Barrons drift apart until a behavioral therapist helps bridge the growing chasm in the family.

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Prof. Vandenburg joined Barnard's faculty in 1998. Her scholarly work focuses on Modernism and Postmodernism. She also teaches courses in American literature and was the 2004 recipient of the Emily Gregory Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her book Weapons of Mass Destruction is due out in the fall.