Nika Sabasteanski '17, a biology major and political science minor, recently contributed an opinion piece for Counterpunch about the reality facing Syrian refugees attempting to resettle in various European locations. She argues that newly-achieved awareness of the crisis in the West is not enough, and that more must be done to support Syrian refugees as they attempt to find new homes. Sabasteanski also reflects on her experience interning over the last two summers with Oxford Aid at refugee camps in Sofia, Bulgaria, and notes the brutality that refugees face once they finally reach ground after harrowing journeys. 

An excerpt:

"This inglorious and tedious reality faced by the victims of the Syrian Civil War is an interlocked web of useless humiliation, competing agendas, greed, and bureaucratic inaction. There is no end date in sight as we debate over logistics and forget we are gambling with lives. As we chip slowly away at the mountains of legislation, children are without an education, university students are denied degrees, fathers are jobless. We are growing too accustomed and weary of such plights in this world. Our senses have been numbed from centuries of irrational violence with a seeming capacity for infinitude."

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