In The New York Times, French professor Caroline Weber contributes a review of “The Libertine,” Michael Delon’s new volume of 18th century French erotic poetry. An excerpt:

“Certainly ‘The Libertine’ is as lavish — with its sumptuous illustrations of luscious Rococo nudes and other toothsome lovelies — as an 18th-century bal masqué. But Delon’s analogy understates the dizzying diversity of the ball’s invitees. Priapic peasants, depraved duchesses, masked miscreants, sexy sylphs, coy mistresses, foot fetishists, human sofas (!) and a surprising abundance of naughty nuns: These raunchy revelers engage in one decadent mating dance after another, tirelessly chasing ‘it,’ and gamely explaining why it matters.”

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An associate professor in the French department, Prof. Weber joined Barnard’s faculty in 2005. In addition to her teaching duties for the French department, Prof. Weber is affiliated with Barnard’s Comparative Literature Program. Her essays have appeared in a wide variety of academic and mainstream publications.