For The New York Times, political science professor Kimberly Marten writes about Palestinian infighting. An excerpt:

"The resignation of two Palestinian prime ministers in quick succession has left the Palestinian Authority leadership in limbo even as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry seeks to accelerate negotiations toward a two-state settlement.

But naming a new prime minister will accomplish little in furthering a settlement unless the Palestinians can also overcome the patronage, corruption and infighting in their security forces. This would require a change not only in the way the Palestinian Authority operates, but also in the approach of Israel, the United States and others involved."

Read Prof. Marten's full piece.

The Acting Director of Columbia University's Harriman Institute, Prof. Marten specializes in international relations and international security. Her research focuses on warlords and militias and their relationship to sovereign states and state security institutions, in places ranging from Afghanistan and Iraq to the former Soviet Union. She recently appeared on the national news program “The Takeaway,” to discuss NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s request for Russian asylum.