Slate recently reviewed narrative medicine professor and noted science writer Rory Jones’ new book, Gluten Exposed. Co-written with Peter H.R. Green, M.D., director of The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, the book is notable for discussing the risks of a gluten-free diet and the science behind the current gluten-free craze, identifying what is true and what is pseudoscience, according to Slate

Alan Levinovitz of Slate writes:

“It is tempting to want a miracle, a promise of certainty in a world of uncertain complexity. But those promises are junk science: Don’t be taken in. Seek out rigor and nuance instead of simple truths, and look for authors who are willing to admit that the truth has yet to be discovered. This, perhaps, is the central moral of Gluten Exposed and it deserves to be repeated, again and again, until the public grows wise to the techniques of best-selling charlatans and the credulous media outlets that give a voice to their hyperbole.”

Jones was also featured on WOSU Public Media’s Wellness Wednesday in a conversation on gluten-free diets, menopause, and the new FDA-approved nutrition labels. In addition to speaking at support groups around the country on celiac disease and living with other chronic illnesses, Jones has co-written Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic with Green, among other publications.

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