This message was sent to the Barnard community on December 14, 2018:


Dear Members of the Barnard Community,

As the semester winds down and we get ready to spend time with family and friends, we want to remind you about the need to protect yourself and others this holiday season from “cyber grinches”.

By now you will have seen the widespread media coverage of an unfortunate new scam arriving via email and phone calls, designed to prey on our fears and insecurities. Unfortunately, scams targeting our desire to do good are always present, especially during this time of year.

We have posted an article, under Announcements on your myBarnard homepage, titled “Protecting Yourself from the Cyber Grinch” that provides some things to keep in mind.

Everyone makes mistakes or has taken an action in haste, so if you need assistance because you opened an attachment, clicked on a link, or shared sensitive information that didn’t feel right, please contact the BCIT Service Desk at or 212-854-7172.

As always, I encourage the Barnard community to remain vigilant and to promptly report suspicious activities which could represent a threat to yourself or others to the Barnard Public Safety Office at 212-854-6666 or local law enforcement.

Let’s work together to protect the Barnard community.

Kind regards,

Christine Whalley
Director, Information Security