Partnership Agreement

Students Can Expect To:

Students Are Expected To:
  • Short-term psychotherapy, crisis management, psychopharmacology and drop in hours to address psychological needs.
  • Referrals to NYC mental health professionals for long-term treatment needs
  • Competent staff trained to meet the highest standards of clinical care
  • Respect for diversity, and an understanding of the impact of societal stereotyping and oppression on psychological development and well-being
  • Strict adherence to NY State confidentiality laws pertaining to Health Records.



  • Participate with us in creating a treatment plan.
  • Attend appointments or cancel at least 24-hrs in advance.
  • Talk as honestly as possible about their experiences and concerns.
  • Give us feedback about how treatment is  going so that we can adjust accordingly.
  • Maintain other students’ confidentiality—whether seen in the waiting room or encountered in one of our groups.