Deferred Exams for classes given in spring 2016

Deferred examinations for Barnard students (for courses taught both at Barnard and Columbia) will be administered in the beginning of the following semester. The fee for each deferred examination is $10.00. The Deferred Exam Form  must have been filed with the Barnard Registrar's Office.

The schedule will be posted by August 29th.

Deferred exams for spring  2016 classes will be given on Friday, September 9, although some exams may be given on Monday, September 12.

Deferred final examinations for Barnard students are available only to students who were absent from the regular examinations for reason of illness or emergency.  All illnesses and emergencies must have been reported to your instructor and the Office of the Dean of Studies in accordance with the Dean's email to all students.

To be eligible to take a deferred exam, you must have your name appear on the Dean of Studies approval list.

Course # Course instructor Day Time  Room
AHIS BC3642  Elizabeth Hutchinson Fri 9am 328 MIL
AHIS W3645 Patricio del Real Fri 1pm 328 MIL
CHEM BC3230 Christian Rojas Fri 9am 328 MIL
CHEM BC3252 Marisa Buzzeo Fri 9am 328 MIL
CHEM BC3271 John Magyar Fri 1pm 328 MIL
CHEM BC3328  Meenakshi Rao Fri 1pm 328 MIL
COMS W1004 Adam Cannon Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ECON BC3033  Nuria Quella Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON BC3035 Lalith Munasinghe Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ECON BC3039  Belinda Archibong Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON BC3041 Andre Burgstaller Mon 9am 106 MIL
ECON V3025 Sally Davidson Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ECON W1105 Caterina Musatti Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ECON W3213 Martin Uribe Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ENGL BC3164 Peter Platt Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ENGL BC3155 Christopher Baswell Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ENRE BC3810 Peggy Ellsberg Fri 1pm 328 MIL
FREN BC1203 Sarah Lazur Fri 9am 328 MIL
HIST BC1302 Deborah Coen Fri 9am 328 MIL
HIST BC1402 Mark Carnes Fri 9am 328 MIL
HIST W3478 Casey Blake Fri 1pm 328 MIL
MATH V1102 03 Hector Chang-Lara Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PHIL V2201 John Morrisson Fri 9am 328 MIL
PHIL V3751  Frederick Neuhouser Fri 9am 328 MIL
PHYS BC2002 Jeremy Dodd Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PSYC BC1001  Sabrina Jhanwar Mon 9am 106 MIL
PSYC BC1115 Joshua New Fri 9am 328 MIL
PSYC W2460 Carl Hart Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PSYC W2650  V. Purdie-Vaughns Fri 1pm 328 MIL
SPAN W1120 01 Diana Romero Fri 1pm 328 MIL
STAT W1111 Banu Baydil Fri 1pm 328 MIL