Retention Guidelines for Search Documents

1.  The basic rule is retention of one year for employment applications. For unsuccessful candidates, keep the file for a minimum of one (1) year, and a maximum of three (3) years from the conclusion of the search. The conclusion of the search is defined as either the position being filled or the search discontinued.

2.  The standards for the disposal of documents are the same regardless of how far the applicant got through the process. The file of someone who was rejected in the first round is kept as long as that of someone who visited campus.

3.  The materials that must be kept in the file are: the cover letter, the cv, and any reference letters.

4.  For the person hired, keep the entire file for the duration of their employment, plus three (3) years.

Please keep in mind that these are considered confidential documents and should be disposed of properly by shredding them at the appropriate time.