Appendix C

Barnard College Tenure Timeline

(formerly Appendix S)

Clock Year
0 Prior to hire Appointment as tenure line assigned (TLA) or tenure eligible (TE).
1&2 May Meeting with chair for review of progress using Annual Personnel Form.
3 Jan Department initiates Third Year Review; CU department consulted. If TE, department requests tenure line, and/or re-appointment.
  mid-Feb Candidate applies for SAPL; Grants Committee reviews applications.
  Mar-May ATP reviews Third Year Reviews; FBPC acts on requests for TLA.
3S F or S SAPL for those passing Third Year Review (SAPL year is off clock).
4 Fall Chair interviews faculty returning from SAPL; evaluates progress in light of plans articulated in personal statement for Third Year Review; adjusts guidance from Third Year Review as needed.
5 Optional Fifth year review (~CU process) done by some departments.
6 Late fall Candidate readies material for review by department; department establishes suitable deadline.
  No later than Jan 15 Department votes on nomination into tenure process. BC chair notifies BC Provost of decision.
  Dec-Feb BC chair develops referee and comparison lists in consultation with CU chair (or designee). Lists are sent to BC Provost for approval; then BC chair sends the lists, candidate’s CV and recommendations for a consultant and outside specialist to the CU Vice Provost for potential standing committee in year 7.
  Mar 1st One copy of dossier due in Provost’s office for review before duplicating.
  March-Apr Provost’s office contacts referees, mails dossiers.
  March-Apr BC chair asks CU chair to appoint a reading committee; sends dossier to reading committee chair, with the understanding that referee letters and the Barnard Department Chair’s Statement will be sent in early fall.
  May-July Referee letters returned.
  May-early September Department decision on whether to proceed to ATP review. Chair completes Department Chair’s Statement.
7 Early fall Referee letters and Department Chair’s Statement send to CU reading committee and department for review and final vote.
  Oct-Dec Dossier (now with CU statement/vote) presented to ATP. ATP deliberation and recommendation to Barnard President. Affirmative cases forwarded to Columbia Provost.
  Feb-May Standing committee meets. BC chair or designee and CU chair or designee appear as witnesses. CU Provost recommends to CU President, copying BC President.
  June Affirmative cases go to Barnard and Columbia Boards of Trustees.
8 July Tenure becomes effective, or last year of appointment begins.
9 July Eligible for first sabbatical.

Revised August 2011