Recycling Center

Barnard has launched two Recycling Hubs on campus! They are located outside the Altschul elevators on the ground level,  outside the Sulzberger elevators in the basement and opposite the north elevators in first floor of the Diana Center. At these hubs you can recycle:

  • Glass, Metal, Plastics (up to #7) Learn about the different types of plastic here
  • Bottles and Containers
  • Books
  • Light Bulbs
  • Toner cartridges
  • E-waste (Note: PDA’s and toner cartridges can be brought to purchasing where they are sent to the manufacturer, or a third party so they can be recycled.)
  • Batteries
  • Textiles- This bin will only be placed in the Sulzberger basement.

Recycling Center Instructions Please note that the placement of waste receptacles on campus and in our buildings has changed to make it more convenient for you to recycle your waste.

View Recycling Hub instructions.

Outside on the campus grounds:

All trash receptacles have been paired with recycling receptacles. These recycling containers are painted blue with green tops to indicate that they are for glass, metal and plastic only.

In our buildings:

Trash and recycling receptacles have been bundled in the academic buildings. These mini-hubs will include containers for Trash (Gray), Glass, Metal and Plastic, (Green) and Paper (Blue). The coding of these receptacles has been standardized on campus, and you can identify what can be placed in each by looking at its lid:  trash is gray; glass, metal and plastic is green; and paper is blue. The receptacles bottoms either are gray/black for trash, and blue for recyclables. Residence Hall receptacles are already bundled but will be reorganized to ensure uniformity throughout the buildings.