Barnard Students Intern in the City

More than two-thirds of Barnard students do an internship during their time here, and it's no wonder. Where else but in New York City could a student gain experience on the set of a prime-time TV show or in the hallowed halls of The New Yorker?

Below, listen to students describe their unique internship experiences in a diverse array of professions.

Kibret Yebetit '14

Video Intern at Witness 

Kibret studies political science and human rights. She interned at the nonprofit organization Witness, where she worked with video shot by citizen journalists to expose human-rights abuses.

Delaney Wing '15

Development Intern at Carolina Herrera 

Delaney is an English major, a dance minor, and an Athena Scholar. She's currently a business development intern at Carolina Herrera, but she's also interned with Warner Music Group and the American Ballet Theater

Kelly Terlizzi '15

Forensics Intern at the NYPD Crime Lab

Kelly studies biochemistry. Last summer, she interned in the controlled-substances analysis section of the NYPD Crime Lab, where she worked on a new method of identifying oxycodone. 

Meghin Sadsad '15

Research Assistant at the New York State Psychiatric Institue 

Meghin studies neuroscience and behavior. She interns at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. This summer, she's running her own experiment based on an animal model that may have implications on how social support can protect human individuals from mental illnesses.

Hila Gutfreund '14

Technology Intern at The New Yorker

Hila is a computer science major. She was a technology intern at The New Yorker, where she worked on page layout and digital editions of the magazine.

Simone Shields '15

Contemporary Art Intern at Christie's 

Simone is an art history major. She's currently interning at Christie's in the post-war and contemporary art department, where she researches art that is up for auction.  

Adiya Taylor '16

Court Administration Intern at the Unified Court System

Adiya studies anthropology and human rights. She's an intern at the Office of Court Administration for the New York State Unified Court System, where she sits in on trials and interviews court personnel.

Ashleen Wicklow '14

Digital Intern at AMC

Ashleen is a film studies major and an English minor. After interning on the CBS show, Elementary for a year, she switched to an internship at AMC, where she's learning as much as she can before she starts her job there after graduation.  

Victoria Sun '16

Marketing Intern at the New York Musical Theatre Festival

Victoria is a double major in French and American studies. She is currently working at the New York Musical Theatre Festival as a marketing intern.