Actions, Reviews, Promotions, & Leaves



Officers of instruction are appointed formally by the Provost to provide full-time or part-time instruction at Barnard. The Academic Code holds information on the qualifications and conditions for the various academic titles and grades of office. They include:

Ladder Ranks

Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Instructor;

Off-Ladder Ranks

Visiting Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, and Visiting Assistant Professor;
Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Adjunct Assistant Professor;
Term Professor, Term Associate Professor, and Term Assistant Professor;
Professor of Professional Practice, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice;
Associate, Senior Associate;
Lecturer, Senior Lecturer;
Special Lecturer;
Research Professor; and
Teaching Assistant.

Department Procedures on Faculty Appointments

After consulting the Academic Code, the Chair should confirm the appropriate academic title with the Provost. Once the details of a new faculty appointment have been confirmed with the Provost, and the candidate has accepted the position, the Chair submits a Faculty Action Form to the Provost's Office, so the appointment can be formally processed.

All full-time officers of instruction without tenure, with the exception of Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Associate, and Senior Lecturer, are usually appointed to initial terms of one year or less. The Chair must submit new Faculty Action Forms each year for reappointment of all part-time faculty and those full-time faculty in limited-term off-ladder ranks.  New forms do not have to be submitted annually for full-time continuing faculty or limited-term off-ladder faculty with multi-year appointments.

Full-Time Faculty

As noted in the Academic Code, recommendations on appointments, reappointments, promotions, and tenure must be made by a majority vote of the department's Professors and Associate Professors holding rank higher than that of the person being considered, except that Assistant Professors, Senior Associates, and Senior Lecturers may vote on non-tenure appointments to equal or lower rank. Recommendations about temporary appointments for one year or less which have to be made when the College is not in session are made by the Chair in consultation with the Provost.

Part-Time Positions

Adjunct Action Forms for adjuncts, part-time faculty, TA's and graders must be submitted in time for the October payroll for the fall semester and the January payroll for the spring semester. Please find a payroll schedule on our Forms & Guidelines page under "Action Forms."

Research Scientists and Scholars

Research Scientist and Research Scholar are non-salaried positions which carry neither teaching responsibilities nor other privileges associated with faculty appointment. They do provide the person with institutional identity for the purpose of conducting scholarly research, along with access to Barnard and Columbia libraries and computing services. Appointment to these titles must have the recommendation of the ATP. Click here to download the appointment guidelines.

Search Procedures

Appointments, other than temporary and part-time appointments, are made only after public announcement of vacancies and the screening of applicants in accordance with the equal employment opportunity policies of the College and after appropriate consultation with the University according to the terms of the Intercorporate Agreement. (Adapted from Academic Code, Section V.B, p. 15)

With the establishment of the Dean for Diversity and Development in 2009, searches for long-term full-time positions must work with the Dean and follow new procedures designed to ensure an expansive and inclusive search.

Reviews and Promotions

Periodic reviews of faculty serve two purposes. First, a thorough review of a junior colleague's work offers an important opportunity to promote his or her development as a scholar and teacher. Through constructive, informative, and timely evaluations, senior faculty members can contribute significantly to the professional development of their colleagues. Second, periodic reviews are necessary for reappointment and departmental recommendations for tenure and/or promotion.

Faculty Personnel Form

Each full-time faculty member submits annually a Faculty Personnel Form to the Chair and to the Provost. The Chair makes use of these forms, along with other data such as teaching evaluations, course syllabi, and scholarly work, to conduct an annual review and to make recommendations regarding reappointment and salary by May 15.

Third Year Reviews

Comprehensive third-year reviews are mandated in the Academic Code (Section V) for Assistant Professors, Assistant Professors of Professional Practice, Associates, and Lecturers. See Appendices D and E for the "Procedures for the Third Year Review of Assistant Professors" and "Guidelines on Methods of Teaching Evaluation for Tenure."

Review of Senior Off-Ladder Faculty

Senior Off-Ladder Faculty include those appointed to, or promoted to, the titles of Senior Lecturer, Senior Associate, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, and Professor of Professional Practice. Their appointments, promotions and subsequent reviews are governed by provisions in the Barnard College Academic Code. They serve as officers of instruction for their specialized expertise and superior competence in teaching, and are accorded full membership in the Faculty of Barnard College with its attendant duties, service obligations, and benefits.

Decisions on re-appointments of senior off-ladder faculty are based on establishment of a continuing department and College need for the specialized expertise and functions associated with the position, followed by a review evaluating the individual’s performance with particular reference to the quality of teaching and service. Appendix I for the "Procedures for Review of Senior Off-Ladder Faculty (including the Professor of Practice Ranks)"

Internal Promotions

A full-time Associate or Lecturer is reviewed for promotion by the department no later than the seventh year of full-time service. (Academic Code, Section III) Tenured Associate Professors indicate when they wish to be considered for promotion to the rank of Professor, usually not until they have been in rank for at least five years. See Appendices H and G for "Schedule and Procedures for Recommending Internal Promotions to the ATP," "Internal Promotion Dossier Instructions," and "Format of Curriculum Vitae for Internal Promotion Process."


Detailed leave information is outlined in Barnard's Academic Code.

The college offers the following leaves:

  • Special Assistant Professor Leaves (SAPL)
  • Sabbaticals
  • Senior Faculty Research Leaves (SFRL)
  • Professional Development Leaves (PDL)
  • Leaves without Salary
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care Leaves
  • Short-term Leaves
  • Military Leaves