Tenure & Timelines

Tenure Timeline

The Academic Code (Section III) focuses on tenure and time limits. A detailed tenure timeline is available in the Chair's Manual, Appendix C. If you have any questions about the timeline, please contact Dana Johnson, Manager of Academic Programs and Faculty Support, Office of the Provost.

Review Procedures

Third-Year Reviews

The Third Year Review is the first comprehensive review of a non-tenured officer of instruction in the rank of Assistant Professor. It provides the College and the department with an opportunity to review and comment on the individual's record as a teacher, scholar, and citizen of the academic community, and to develop a general set of expectations for projects to be undertaken during the Special Assistant Professor Leave (SAPL) and for the balance of the individual's appointment period in a non-tenured rank. If a tenure line was not assigned when the search was initiated, the Third Year Review also requires the College and the department to study the individual in the context of a current staffing profile recommended by the Faculty Budget and Planning Committee (FBPC).
For more information, see Chair's Manual Appendix D.

Guidelines for Tenure Considerations

The President's Advisory Committee on Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion (ATP Committee) is responsible for reviewing the dossiers of Barnard officers of instruction nominated for promotion, or appointment, to tenure. The tenure dossier is normally prepared by the Chair of the Department (or a tenured member designated by the Chair) in consultation with all tenured members.  Where a faculty member is appointed to support another program or department, a tenured representative of that program or department becomes part of the review committee. Administrative support is provided by the department assistant or administrator, working closely with the Manager of Academic Programs and Faculty Support in the Provost’s Office.
For more information, see Chair's Manual Appendix E.

Methods of Teaching Evaluation for Tenure

The ATP has developed guidelines as to what constitutes an adequate documentation of teaching quality presented for tenure consideration. The principle behind these guidelines is that teaching quality should be assessed holistically by looking at multiple forms of evidence.
For more information, see Chair's Manual Appendix F.