Forms & Guidelines

Directions for Saving Forms

You must save the form to your computer before entering data. Please be aware that any text entered without saving the form to your computer may be lost when the document is closed and reopened.

Once the form has been saved, please reopen the form and beginning typing. At this point, any data you enter into the form will be saved.



Information on Appointments

*Please note that you cannot save online. Download to your desktop before completing the forms. 

Adjunct Action Form (Published November 2014) (New form to be used for adjunct instructors and assistants only.)

Faculty Action Form (Published February 2015) (Form to be used for full-time faculty)

Faculty Monthly Payroll Schedule 2014- 2015

Faculty Monthly Payroll Schedule 2015-2016


Information on Faculty Committees


Committee on Instruction

Guidelines for Course Submissions 

New Course Proposal Form 

Change in Major/Minor Form

Existing Course Change Form

Master Schedule of Classes

Student General Education Requirement Appeal Form

Submitting an Existing Course for a General Education Requirement


Grant Applications and Forms

*Please note that you cannot save online. Download to your desktop before completing the forms.

Faculty Conference Travel Grant Guidelines (2015) 

Faculty Conference Travel Grant Application (2015) 

Faculty Conference Travel Grant Expense Report (2015)

Mini-Grant & SAPL Supplemental Grant Guidelines (2015)

Mini-Grant & SAPL Supplemental Grant Application (2015)


Leave Forms

Information on Leaves

Professional Development Leave for Senior Off Ladder Faculty (Application Guidelines for 2014-15 Leaves)

Senior Faculty Research Leaves (Application Guidelines for 2015-16 Leaves)

Special Assistant Professor Leave Grant Application


Line Allocations - Petitions to the FBPC

Request for the Continuation of a Full-Time Off-Ladder Faculty Position (2015)

Request for a Full-Time Faculty Search (2015)



Faculty Search Form


Teaching Awards

Information on Teaching Awards

Teaching Award Nomination - All Faculty (Spring 2014)

Teaching Award Nomination - Chairs (Spring 2014)