On-Campus Recruitment (OCR)




On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) provides Barnard College students the opportunity to personally interact with employers through information sessions, site visits and career fairs.  In addition, it provides students with the opportunity to interview for internships, volunteer positions, as well as full-time and part-time positions with employers who visit campus during the Fall and Spring semesters.


OCR begins early September through late November for the Fall semester and early January through late April for the Spring semester.


OCR Policies and On-Campus Recruiting are reserved for matriculated, degree-seeking students of Barnard College, Columbia University.

*Barnard requires ALL students to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to participate in on-campus recruitment programs including but not limited to internships.


  •  First Step:

You must fully complete your profile in MillieCAREERS powered by Handshake.  This includes: Contact information, educational information, employment preferences, demographic information, etc. This information is not accessible by any employers or your fellow students.  Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

To make multiple selections, hold down either the Control Key (PC) or the Command Key (Mac) while clicking the left mouse button. Once you have filled out all the information completely, click on the Save button.

Please note that your MillieCAREERS powered by Handshake profile needs to be updated annually at the beginning of each Fall semester.  This is to ensure accuracy of student contact information and employment preferences.

The employment preferences allow BCD staff to send you targeted information on employment opportunities and career events that you are focused on.

  • Second Step:

Next, select the "privacy" sub tab and answer two key questions:  

  1. Do you want to receive email notifications from BCD? (We recommend answering “Yes”)

    *You will receive periodic notification of job opportunities, employer-based events, BCD workshops/presentations, and special career events.  In addition, BCD strongly encourages you to monitor and read posted notices and reminders about BCD events under the “EVENTS” section of the BCD, website so that you do not miss important events and career opportunities.

  2. Do you want your resume to be included in our online eResume Books?  (We recommend selecting "yes" only if you are uploading a resume that has already been critiqued by BCD staff.)

*Release Agreement: By selecting “yes” under opt-in resume book and uploading a resume into an identified eResume Book you are agreeing to make this document available for release by BCD.

  • Third Step:

After filling out your profile and completing the privacy questions, you will need to upload at least one resume before you can start applying for positions and begin your participation in OCR.

  1. Save the document as a PDF
  2. Log-in to MillieCAREERS powered by Handshake
  3. Select “Documents” tab
  4. Click on “Add New” button
  5. Type in the “Label” you wish to give your resume
  6. Under “Document Type” be sure the radio button next to “Resume” is selected
  7. Click on the “Browse” button and identify the resume document you wish to upload in the window provided and hit the “Open” button
  8. Finally, click “Submit”

Now, you have successfully uploaded your resume into the MillieCAREERS powered by Handshake system.  The above steps also apply to uploading cover letters, writing samples, transcripts, and more.   This assures that your documents remain formatted as you originally intended for employers to review. 

In addition, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND having all documents you use for applying to opportunities reviewed by a Peer Career Advisor (PCA)  or counseling staff prior to uploading them into the MillieCAREERS powered by Handshake system.