Event Evaluations

Event organizers should consider what purpose information gathered from evaluations will serve.  This will help determine what will be evaluated (e.g. event sessions, presenters, event activities, location and venue, meals and receptions).

Consider when and how evaluations will be distributed, collected, and tabulated.  Also consider who needs to receive this information (e.g. presenters, sponsors, staff).

Evaluation content should include:

  • Name and contact information of attendee
  • Overall evaluation of the conference
  • Ease of the registration process
  • Appropriateness of the length and time of the conference
  • Most valuable/least valuable aspects
  • Usefulness of conference materials
  • Call for suggested topics or speakers for future conferences
  • Specific feedback about presentations (e.g. content and relevancy, materials, length of presentation, value of session)
  • Logistics (e.g. venue, food and beverage, related events)