Vera Joseph Scholars


Recent Scholars

BC '15


Mia McKinstry

I am excited and honored to be a Vera Joseph Scholar this coming school year. The scholarship will allow me to focus on my studies instead of worrying about financial stress and I am very thankful for that. I look forward to the workshops and getting to know more bright, bold, and beautiful Barnard women who are interested in the sciences. The workshops will expose me to other areas of science I'm not familiar with and help me define my career path. I can't wait to see what I'll learn.

Camille Houferak

I'm so incredibly excited and honored to be a part of the Vera Joseph Scholarship Program.  I can't wait to get to know this talented group of women and explore the opportunities for students in STEM fields.

Ayelet Lobel

The Vera Joseph Scholarship is not only granting me relief from the stress of accumulating loans and rising interest rates, but also providing me with the chance to stay for a final semester at Barnard, as I was planning to graduate early for financial reasons. That semester will allow me to spread out difficult coursework, focus on an extracurricular internship, and take electives that will more fully prepare me for graduate work in Biomedical Engineering. In short, I cannot express sufficient gratitude for the role this scholarship plays in my academic career!

Danielle Youngsmith


After returning from a leave of absence from Barnard, the Vera Joseph Scholars have been an invaluable support group for all things STEM and Barnard as I settled back into campus life. I am honored to have the opportunity to once again be a part of this program as it has helped me grow as a student and as a scientist through workshops, seminars, STEM activities around NYC to name only a few. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to devote my time to my studies, to my other cohorts, or towards furthering my goals of working in the space industry, and for that, I am forever grateful to this program.

Hye-Jin Yun
Neuroscience & Behavior


It is empowering to be part of the Vera Joseph Scholarship Program. The scholarship not only provides financial support but it also equips me with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the STEM field of which only 23 percent are women. I am grateful for this incredible opportunity!

Scholars - BC '16


Catherine Haber
Neuroscience & Physics

The Vera Joseph Scholarship Program provides a wonderful community of women in science at Barnard. I was very excited to be a part of this program and it has been helpful resource as I begin my studies in college. I am very excited to gain insights into the fields of science with which I am less familiar in the workshops and seminars in the future.

Nilam Patel

The Vera Joseph Scholarship has shaped my experience at Barnard. I am extremely honored and grateful to be among this group of inspirational and highly motivated women in STEM. I credit this scholarship for giving me the freedom and support to continue my summer research during the semester through which I gained experience in new and exciting fields of physical chemistry. I always look forward to workshops since I know I will leave them with a revived motivation for my future career.

Kaavya Mahajan

The Vera Joseph Scholarship motivates me to pursue my ambitions of becoming a Chemistry major. I look forward to attending the workshops throughout the year to gain more exposure and insight on the various fields of Science. Humbled to receive such a prestigious scholarship, I am grateful to be part of a cohort of such talented, inspiring, and intelligent Barnard women.

Perri Callaway

Maya Feldman

I am so honored to be a part of the Vera Joseph Scholarship program.  Not only does the program help me pursue my love of biology, but it also has provided me with a network of other empowered female scientists who I am lucky to call my peers.  I am very excited to be a part of this incredible program!

Therese Kichuk

Without the Vera Joseph Scholarship Program I would be unable to attend Barnard. The funds provided by the program allow me to take on a number of loans my parents are unable to. This scholarship has also made it possible for me to hold an unpaid internship at the Columbia University Medical Center. Along with greatly reducing the financial burden, the program has introduced me to an incredible group of young scientists whose struggles and triumphs are continual sources of inspiration. I am so excited to continue being a part of the community created by this scholarship!

Cara Lachtrupp

The Vera Joseph Scholarship Program has offered me the opportunity to discuss and explore my interest in science with other women interested in similar fields. The financial support has also enabled me to devote more time and energy to my studies and the pursuit of a career in science. I am so grateful for the opportunities and support provided by the program.

Past Scholars

Rosemary Bramante BC '12

I have enjoyed the VJ scholarship program so far, and I think that reading a common book is a wonderful idea, especially since the program spans several different STEM subjects; it will give us something completely in common to discuss and get to know each other.

Lin (Irene) Jiang BC '12                   Mathematics & Statistics/Economics

As a first generation college student, VJ Scholarship program helps alleviate my financial burden of attaining a Barnard education, and it also provides resources to pursue both my academic and career goals.

Dominique Keefe BC '12        Biology

The Vera Joseph Scholarship has not only helped my to do well in completing my biology major by providing me with needed financial support, but has given me additional motivation to accomplish such a career.  I am humbled to have received a scholarship in honor of such a remarkable woman, and am now driven to pursue my own goals with the same tenacity that Vera demonstrated.

Alexis Lloyd BC '12

I've really enjoyed and appreciated being part of the VJ scholarship program this past year.  I loved the group events such as Arcadia and Prof. Laura Kay's presentation.  I also enjoyed meeting Vera Joseph's daughters, and learning more about Vera Joseph herself -- her life story is very compelling.  I'm really excited about the lectures and science events next year, and the VJ program makes these more accessible.  Certainly, the financial support has been tremendous -- this last year, I did not need to take out loans, and next year, the VJ scholarship will allow me to fully focus on my chemistry and my studies, and not have to search for an outside job.

Elina Myagkaya BC '12

This scholarship has given me a great opportunity to communicate with other students interested in various scientific fields, not to mention providing significant financial aid, enabling me to focus more on pursuing my scientific career. Although I'm majoring in biochemistry, I really enjoyed learning about other fields of science through events such as the lecture on astronomy and eclipses by Dr. Laura Kay from the Physics department. I am very grateful to be involved in this program, and I hope that this year I will be able to expand my horizons even more and develop my interests in science.

Trina Choudhury BC '13
Mathematics & Statistics

The Vera Joseph Scholarship has given me the opportunity to spend more time focusing on my studies and less time worrying about loans and work-study. I am extremely thankful and happy about the opportunity and look forward to participating in the workshops.

Andrea Egan BC '13

I appreciate the Vera Joseph Scholarship because it allows me consider pursuing advanced study in physics without worrying about having to pay back student loans after graduating. The Vera Joseph Scholarship has also helped me prepare for graduate school through informative workshops.

Emma Lewis BC '13

The Vera Joseph scholars program has greatly enriched my research and science experience at Barnard. The financial assistance has granted me the time to work many hours at an microbiology lab at CUMC, rather than spending that time at a work study position. Just as important, however, is the powerful, supportive community of female scientists that this program creates. We are all headed into the still male-dominated field of scientific research, but the Vera Joseph program allows us to interact with our incredibly intelligent female peers. I feel very lucky to be part of this group of smart, driven women.

Sofia Prado-Irwin BC '13

The VJ scholars program has been a great help in making my college education more affordable, relieving some of the financial stress on myself and my family. I've also enjoyed the program workshops, and they have opened my eyes to new ideas and areas of science that I would normally not have pursued. I am very grateful to be a part of this program!

Aneta Turlik BC '13

The Vera Joseph Scholarship Program has been a great way to foster relationships between Barnard students in the STEM fields. It has allowed younger students to gain insight about their intended majors from older students. Through the program and its various workshops, I've also learned about issues and subjects outside my field of study, including black holes, food science, astronomy, and organ printing. The scholarship has been an invaluable source of knowledge and financial support, and I am grateful to have received it.

Salina Kalik BC '14


The VJSP has helped me by giving me more time to focus on my studies and pursue my career goals. Through the workshops, I am given the opportunity to explore new fields, get acquainted with influential people in the STEM subjects and interact with my fellow VJS scholars. I am truly grateful to be a part of this program.

Hadden May Martinez BC '14

I found the program extremely useful as it helped me realize what I wanted for myself as far as my career goes. I also enjoyed the outings as they allowed us to speak to each other and learn from our experiences together.

Jocelyn Ferrara BC '14
Physics & Astronomy

I was considering graduating a year early, completing only a Physics major. Because of the Vera Joseph Scholarship Program, I can now complete my Astronomy major and Mathematics minor and stay for my senior year. In addition, I'm able to spend more time conducting relevant astrophysics research with professors during the school year. I'm looking forward to becoming more connected with the amazing scientists here at Barnard, and am incredibly thankful for this support.

Kassidy Meck BC '14

I am excited to be part of the Vera Joseph program because it connects me with other STEM majors at Barnard.  The program also allows me to focus more on being a student by alleviating some of the financial pressure of attending college. I look forward to the workshops and learning about science opportunities after graduation.

Jenny Woo BC '14

I feel vey honored to be part of the Vera Joseph Scholarship. This program has lessened financial burdens and allowed me to focus more on my classes. The VJ Program is a great program that provides resources and support for those studying the STEM subjects. I look forward to attending the workshops and meeting the fellow scholars.

Johanna Cohen BC '15
Statistics & Political Science

I am honored to have the Vera Joseph Scholarship for my second year.  It is such an innovative program with a very bright group of students who are resources for each other in furthering their studies.

Clarey Hung BC '15

The VJSP has given me many opportunities to spend time with upperclassmen and hear about their personal experiences as STEM majors at Barnard. I am thankful that the VJSP exposes us to the various STEM fields and technologies that are out there, helping us discover ways to incorporate our interest in the sciences into our career goals.

Eva Islam BC '15


Angela Lee BC '15

VJ scholarship has given me the time and encouragement to study biology without worrying about financial burdens. The workshops have been especially helpful in introducing valuable resources that are both interesting and conducive to learning, while presenting the various fields of STEM and their new and upcoming research.

Rita Preciado BC '16


Elizabeth Karnaukh BC '16