Constellation Fornax


Fornax - “The Furnace”; meaning: furnace, oven [a chemical furnace in particular]; symbol: brazier; pronounced “FOR-naks”

The Fornax constellation is made up of students from the 8th Floor.

Resident Assistants: Rachel Caron, Nathaly Santana, Nisha Iyer, Mark King

Fornax Librarian: Heather Van Volkinburg

Constellation Leader: Cameron Meyer-Mueller BC '17

Cameron is a sophomore from St. Paul, MN. She’s a pre-med student interested in Psychology, Neuroscience, French, and Dance. When she’s not in class, one could find her babysitting adorable small children through the Barnard Babysitting Agency or dancing for various Columbia dance groups. She obsesses over anything having to do with Bryan Cranston or Meryl Streep. Some other of her favorite past times includes intramural soccer, scoping out ramen shops, and watching The West Wing on Netflix. The last enjoyable book she read was The Goldfinch! As the Constellation Leader of Fornax, she hopes to foster a smaller community within Barnard that builds relationships and takes advantage of New York City, all while eating fabulous food. 


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