Constellation Pictor

Pictor - “The Painter”; original name Equuleus Pictoris, meaning: artist’s easel; symbol: an easel; pronounced “PICK-tor”

The Pictor constellation is made up of students from the 4th Floor

Resident Assistants: Alice Min, Melissa Louidor, Skylar Gottlieb

Personal Librarian: Heidi Winston

Constellation Leader: Felicia How '18

Felicia is a first-year who wishes she had evolved to no longer need sleep, so it is perhaps fitting that she was born and raised in New York City. Felicia is a member of Constellation Pictor, but prefers to call it Constellation Pictor-Perfect. She apparently has a knack for naming things, as she hilariously named her pet cat Romeow Schrödinger. Within the Barnard/Columbia community, she is a Barnard Babysitter and ambassador for VISP students, as well as a member of CUTKD and the Charles Drew Pre-Medical Society at Columbia. She also loves watermelon, competitive swimming, musical theatre, and taking historical walking tours of the city. Felicia absolutely loves Barnard, and cannot wait to share everything the year has in store with Pictor.

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