Constellation Telescopium

Telescopium: “The Telescope”; meaning: telescope; symbol: telescope; pronounced “tell-es-SCOPE-ee-um”

The Telescopium constellation is made up of students from the 2nd Floor and Commuters.

Resident Assistant: Jenny Singer

Personal Librarian: Lisa Norberg

Constellation Leader: Ayesha Firdous '17

Ayesha is a sophomore international student from Dubai, UAE. On the spectrum of premed to premed, she is premed and is majoring in Neuroscience and Behaviour with a cellular concentration. When she isn’t in classes, she is usually working in the lab at the Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology Division of the New York State Psychiatric Institute. On other days, she likes to go on weekend kayaking trips with CU Whitewater Kayaking, weekend treks with Barnard Outdoor Activities Team (BOAT) and on all days, she is a huge proponent of the metric system (jk, I <3 Barnard). She loves Barnard and is excited to constellate for Telescopium!!

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