About SGA

Our Mission

The Student Government Association of Barnard College aims to facilitate the expression of opinions on matters affecting the Barnard community through active communication between students, administration and faculty. With various forums for collaboration, such as committees and weekly Representative Council meetings, SGA strives to promote open dialogue and action that will enhance student life at Barnard College.

All Barnard College students, by virtue of having paid student activities fees, are members of the SGA. Thus, SGA calls on all Barnard College students to take initiative in continuing the SGA’s tradition of equitable self-government and to hold both administrators and students accountable to the College’s larger mission, to foster women leaders and intellectuals.

Please stop by our office in the Student Leadership Collective or SLC Office, located on the first floor of the Diana right off of Liz's Place Cafe.  Or you can always send us an email (sga@barnard.edu) with any thoughts, concerns or suggestions you may have.

All the best for the upcoming year!