Mellon Summer Grants in Translation Studies

Awards in Summer 2011

Elizabeth Castelli, Professor and Chair, Religion
Project Title: “Translation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s San Paolo ”
Translation of notes and script for Pier Paolo Pasolini’s unfinished film-project, San Paolo, on the life of St. Paul. Publication by Verso Books (U.K.) anticipated in November 2012.

Saksia Hamilton, Associate Professor, English
Project Title: “Translations of Modern Dutch Poetry”
Translation of selections from twentieth-century Dutch poets Gerrit Achterberg, Ida Gerhardt and A. Vasalis, with particular attention to their renderings of landscape and qualities of silence. Includes consultation with scholars in The Netherlands.

Brian Larkin, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Project Title: “The Media System of Empire”
Investigation of archival resources at the Public Records Office, London and Rhodes House, Oxford, for a book on the communicative structure of the British Empire (c. 1850-1930).

Brian O’Keeffe, Lecturer, French and Comparative Literature
Project Title: “Hermeneutics and Translation”
Translation of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s essay on hermeneutics and translation, “Lesen ist wie übersetzten” — “Reading is like Translation.” Includes conference presentation and research in Cologne and Berlin.

Neferti X.M. Tadiar, Professor and Chair, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Project Title: “Remaindered Life under Imperial Democracy”
Translation of multi-media materials from Spanish, Tagalog and Ilocano in the context of a study of the broad-scale transformation of media environments and diverse projects of citizenship-making under the aegis of the imperial democracy of the U.S. in its occupation of the Phillippines in the early twentieth century; for the benefit of other postcolonial media scholars; and for the use of Barnard students enrolled in Prof. Nadiar’s courses in Feminist Postcolonial Theory and Studies in U.S. Imperialism.

Paige West, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Project Title: “Treasures of the Sea: Translating Language and Ontology”
Translation, from English into Tigak, of materials used in a marine-ecology textbook series developed by the American Museum of Natural History, “Treasures of the Sea,” and adaptation for use in K-12 and adult education courses at the Ranguva Solwara Skul in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.

Hana Worthen, Assistant Professor, Theater
Project Title: “Translating the Postdramatic: Ethics of Mimesis in Theatre Translation”
Translation of a “postdramatic” theater text in preparation for a scholarly article in Translation Studies and production by the Barnard Department of Theater. Includes consultations and research in Berlin and Vienna.


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