Student Leadership Collective


The Student Leadership Collective (SLC) comprises the Barnard Student Government Association (SGA), the Governing Board at Barnard, and the McIntosh Activities Council (McAC). The SLC was created to recognize the distinct and important roles and responsibilities of each organization on campus: SGA are elected officers who represent students’ concerns; GBB governs student clubs and supports student leaders, and McAC plans campus events for the Barnard community. The Student Leadership Collective Office is located in the Diana Center Anna Quindlen Room (inside Liz’s Place, Diana Center 1st Floor).

The Student Government Association of Barnard College (SGA) aims to facilitate the expression of opinions on matters affecting the Barnard community through active communication between students, administration and faculty. With various forums for collaboration, such as committees and weekly Representative Council meetings, SGA strives to promote open dialogue and action that will enhance student life at Barnard College. All Barnard College students, by virtue of having paid student activities fees, are members of the SGA.


The Governing Board at Barnard (GBB) upholds the values of Barnard College by promoting the personal and intellectual development of students as leaders. We hold GBB clubs and their members to the high expectations of Barnard College: rigorous standards, self-awareness, holistic learning, and social accountability. Reflective of the Barnard mission statement, GBB believes that participation and leadership in student clubs will empower students “to achieve the personal strength that will enable them to meet the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.” We strive to provide a strong sense of community and dedication to student life on Barnard's campus.


The McIntosh Activities Council (McAC) is Barnard's programming board and plans some of annual campus traditions including Big Sub, Midnight Breakfast, the Emily Gregory Dinner, Founder's Day, and Spirit Week! Each committee (Community, Action, Network, Wellness, and Mosiac) plan other great events throughout the year.