The Barnard College Student Government Association: Election Guidelines 

SGA Elections Mission Statement on Fairness

All Barnard College students, by virtue of having paid student activities fees, are members of the SGA. In accordance with the mission statement of SGA, elections are held in the Fall and the Spring to allow for active student participation within their government. To ensure that a diverse range of student interests are represented, all students are welcome and encouraged to run and apply for open positions. The SGA Elections are a free and fair process in which candidates are encouraged to fully express their opinions, while respecting their fellow candidates and classmates. The Elections Guidelines exist not only as a rule book but as a community code of conduct that should motivate each candidate to act in accordance with these values. It is of utmost importance that all interested candidates and all their affiliates familiarize themselves with our elections guidelines. If there are any concerns or questions regarding the fairness of these elections, please contact the Elections Commission, which oversees this process.

The Elections Commission consists of four SGA representatives and a representative from the Barnard Honor Board.

The Elections Commission: sgaelections@barnard.edu

Senior Rep. to the Board of Trustees: Tamar Dayanim

Junior Rep. to the Board of Trustees: Jessica Cruz

President of SGA: Nicola Kirkpatrick

University Senator: Adara Rosenbaum 

Senior Class President: Rhea Nagpal

Honor Board Representative: Elizabeth Wiita, egw2115@barnard.edu  


If you have any questions regarding the SGA Election Guidelines, please contact sgaelections@barnard.edu

View the Election Guidelines as a PDF.

Updated: March 2019