Crew Chief

NSOP Crew Chiefs

Crew Chiefs (CCs) are an essential part of NSOP because they are the liaisons between the NSOP Committee and the Orientation Leaders (OLs). Crew Cheifs directly influence OLs and work with a selected group of OLs as a team to welcome new students. Each CC is assigned a crew of 7-10 OLs who they are responsible for managing throughout the duration of NSOP. They begin by training their OLs how to interact successfully with new students. Throughout NSOP, they manage the tasks assigned to their Crew by the NSOP Committee. This is accomplished by communicating with and delegating jobs to their OLs and then holding them accountable, usually through a detailed nightly email explaining the next day’s events. Crew Chiefs are expected to keep excitement and energy going for both the Orientation Leaders and incoming students.

Position Description for NSOP 2019 Crew Chiefs:

Crew Chiefs are expected to:

  • Be available at all times for training and assignments throughout the duration of NSOP. Schedules and assignments will not be available until move in.

  • Manage a team of 7-11 Orientation Leader including assigning tasks & duties, managing schedules, and practicing accountability.

  • Staff assigned NSOP programs and work with other leaders and staff members to ensure each one runs successfully.

  • Communicate and work with the NSOP Committee and the staff members, acting as a liaison between the Committee and Orientation Leaders.

  • Assist with the training of Orientation Leaders and fully participate in all training sessions.

  • Maintain a positive attitude towards Barnard College and NSOP.

  • Must be a matriculated Barnard student during Spring & Fall 2019 and remain in good standing with the college.

Timeline for NSOP 2019 Crew Chief Selection:

  • Application opens: Friday, November 30

  • Application closes: Monday, January 28

  • Individual Interviews will take place between Wednesday, February 20 -Friday, February 22

  • Offers made on Monday, February 25

  • Offers to be confirmed by Wednesday, February 27

  • Newly hired Crew Chiefs will be invited to attend a meet & greet on Thursday, March 8

Time Committments for NSOP 2019 Crew Chiefs:

  • Assist with Orientation Leader info sessions (Mar 5, Mar 8, Mar 13) & interviews between March 26 - April 2

  • Attend NSOP Study Break on May 8

  • Arrive to campus/move-in on Monday, August 19 between 9am-1pm

  • Attend all of NSOP training from Monday, August 19 - Friday, August 23

  • Be present for the duration of NSOP 2019 (Sunday, August 25- Monday, September 2)
    *You must be available for all dates listed above to be considered for the position*

Housing costs are covered for the two weeks before classes begin, for those who have a fall assignment, and most meals provided on work days.