New York City Civic Engagement Program

Barnard students are leaders & change agents.
NYCCEP gives them the tools they need to maximize their impact.

Barnard College was founded to support women as leaders, innovators, and scholars in their communities. Leaders must understand how they are linked with their community, requiring knowledge of social justice, training in community-based research, experience with activism, and an understanding that service is both an  honor and a responsibility. 

The New York City Civic Engagement Program, or NYCCEP, serves as the training ground for a new generation of strong leaders. Whatever field our students are interested in, NYCCEP provides the tools and resources to integrate civic engagement into their academic and professional work.

We believe that NYCCEP and Barnard College are helping to build a new reality: one in which all members of communities, both local and global, are prepared to work together to solve complex problems and create a happier, healthier, and more just world.

Our Methodology

We believe that true civic engagement must incorporate many different skill sets, worldviews, and tactics in order to be successful and adaptable to changing community needs. In order to draw on the diverse expertise and experiences of the Barnard student body, NYCCEP envisions civic engagement through the following Pathways to Service:

  • Advocacy and Activism
  • Direct Services
  • Politics and Policy
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Research and Engaged Scholarship

Learn more about our Pathways to Service here.

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For more information on NYCCEP programs and to discuss how you can get involved, please contact Adeline Medeiros, Associate Director of Civic Engagement:
212.853.0770 //