America Reads/America Counts

America Reads / America Counts (ARAC):
Bringing Barnard Tutors to the Community

America Reads / America Counts is a federally funded program designed to bring resources to schools and education programs to ensure all students are achieving at grade level in reading and math.

Barnard students are matched with local public schools and community-based after school programs, and serve as tutors to children. If the tutors have received a Federal Work Study award, they will be paid an hourly rate. Otherwise, students are welcome to volunteer as tutors.

Partner Organizations

Our ARAC tutors have brought their dedication and talents to many partner organizations, including:

  • Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership
  • The JCC in Manhattan (PS 75, PS 84, and PS 163)
  • 826NYC
  • Reading Partners (PS 192)
  • East Harlem Tutorial Program
  • Star Learning Center at Goddard Riverside Community Center

Become an ARAC Tutor

Becoming an America Reads / America Counts tutor is easy!

  1. Log on to BarnardWorks and search job postings within the "Off-Campus America Reads FWS" category. All of the available positions will be listed by early September 2017.
  2. Apply directly to the partner organization per their instructions.
  3. If you've received a Federal Work Study award and you plan on receiving payment for your tutoring, fill out the required forms and turn them in to Student Employment Services (224 Milbank) during walk-in hours daily from 12-1PM.
  4. If you plan on volunteering as an unpaid tutor, simply email us to let us know after you've worked out your schedule with your site.

That's it! If you have any questions as you are moving through the application process, please reach out to Adeline Medeiros, Associate Director of Civic Engagement, at or 212.853.0770.

Applications become available on BarnardWorks in early September and again in late December or early January.

Become a Partner Organization & Host Tutors

It's easier than ever to request student tutors for your program! Tutor requests should be posted to NACElink from late August to mid September and can be posted again from late December to mid-January for any additional Spring semester tutor needs. 

  1. Email NYCCEP to enquire about becoming a partner site: Get in touch with Adeline Medeiros ( to see if we are currently accepting new sites and to complete/update your America Reads contract.
  2. Create an account on BarnardWorks: Create an account and be sure that you list your "Industry" as Non-Profit/Social Impact and your "Contact/Employer Type" as Employer (Non-Profit/Social Impact).
  3. Post your ARAC opportunity: Create a job posting on your BarnardWorks account and follow the instructions. 
  4. Review applications from candidates: Tutors will apply directly to you, per your instructions on BarnardWorks. Contact the applicants that you think are a great fit, and move through your normal process, whether that means interviewing them, bringing them in for a site visit, or doing a background check.
  5. Make sure your tutor gets paid: Once you and the tutors agree that it's a match, send us an email with all of their names and emails. All tutors have to fill out some tax forms and drop them off at our office. If they don't do that, they can't get paid. I'll make sure they get the info below and turn their forms in!
  6. Request their hire in TimesheetX: As usual, you'll request their hire in TimesheetX and approve their hours each week (you don't have to wait for them to turn in their tax forms - you can get the process started right away!). Here's a simple guide on how to do it

If you have any trouble or need a question answered, please don't hesitate to reach out to Adeline Medeiros, Associate Director of Civic Engagement, at or 212.853.0770.