Confidential Conversation

Welcome to the Ombuds Office where conversations can lead to solutions!

The Barnard College Ombuds Office was created in July 2016. Judit Revesz, the first Ombuds Officer joined Barnard College on August 1st 2016.

The Ombuds Office is an independent, impartial, neutral and confidential resource for faculty and staff.

The Ombuds Office is a member of the International Ombudsman Association and adheres to its Standards of Practice and to its Code of Ethics.

Note: The Ombuds Office is not an office of notice: what is shared with the Ombuds Office will remain confidential and will not put Barnard College on legal notice.

The Charter Agreement of the Ombuds Office can be found here.

Who can contact the Ombuds

The Ombuds Office shall provide informal conflict resolution and mediation services to faculty and staff on any issues related to Barnard College, except for matters covered by a union.



What does the Ombuds do? The office is here to:

  • Listen to concerns
  • Help explore options
  • Engage in informal conflict resolution (only with your permission)
  • Facilitate conversations
  • Mediate disputes
  • Provide information and referrals
  • Analyze ongoing or College-wide trends and issues

What does the Ombuds NOT do? The office won't:

  • Disclose any information shared, except if we believe that disclosure is necessary to address an imminent risk of serious harm to you or someone else
  • Report anything to anyone; including the Title IX coordinator
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Adjudicate a matter or change a Barnard College policy