Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail is processed Monday–Friday by Mail Services staff in Altschul. Please review the procedures for preparing the various types of mail in order to get the best pricing and most efficient service. Note: processing fees are charged for most services.

Pickup and drop off

If you do not have a large quantity of mail, you may hand it over when the Mail Clerk comes to your department office during the delivery route. Otherwise, please bring your mail to the Altschul service window and give it to a clerk or put it in the appropriate mail slot; please read the slot labels carefully before depositing your mail.

Outgoing Mail Deadlines by Carrier
Mail Carrier Pick-up time Processing Deadline
Columbia 10:30­–11:00 a.m. N/A
FedEx Express 2:00–2:30 p.m. N/A
FedEx Ground 4:30–5:00 p.m N/A
Flats/International 4:00–4:30 p.m. 3:00  p.m.
USPS letters 4:00–4:30 p.m. 3:00  p.m.

Any mail dropped off after the processing deadline on Fridays or the day before holidays will not be mailed until the following business day.

Daily Desktop Mail

Faculty and staff should use envelopes with their department line on the return address for outgoing College mail. Envelopes without the department line may be opened and returned if we cannot determine what department to charge. Faculty and staff are not permitted to charge their personal mail to a department account, but may drop off stamped personal mail for hand-off by Mail Services to a postal employee.

Letter size mail

Mail Services meters department letter mail. When presenting business mail for metering, please close the flaps, but do not seal. Exception: keep the envelopes flapped open for A-style invitation envelopes.

Please rubber band departmental mail. Be sure to write your Account Name and Number on an attached piece of paper if there is no departmental return address, or if you need to charge a different account. Mail Services staff will open unidentified outgoing mail.

Please see this #10 Envelope graphic for proper position of the return and delivery address on a letter size business envelope.

Flat mail (large envelopes)

Flats can be sent at USPS First Class rates or at a discount rate with 4-7 day service.
Special preparation for discounts: No 1st class markings on envelope. Address must be positioned fully on right half of landscape envelope. No handwritten addresses. See this Flat Mail graphic for proper preparation of large envelopes with landscape orientation.

International mail

International mail is routed through the USPS and discount re-mailers. Special preparation for discounts: No 1st class markings on envelope or package. Print label or write clearly in block letters.

Certified Mail with Return Receipt

Certified Mail with Return Receipt is used to track USPS First Class mail and to receive a signature with proof of date and delivery time. Certified Mail forms and Return Receipt cards are available at Mail Services. Please be sure to follow the written instructions and complete all required information on the form and card before submitting for mailing.

Stamp purchases

Mail Services does not sell postage stamps. Forever Stamps are always sold at the same price as a regular First Class Mail stamp and can be used to mail a one-ounce letter regardless of when the stamps were purchased and no matter how prices may change in the future. Stamps may be purchased at local post offices on 112th and 125th streets or online from The Postal Store.

Addressing Jobs and Larger Mailings

Mail Services can help you with larger mailings, whether originating from Barnard or from an outside printer or mailing house. Please review the services below and complete the appropriate form as required.

Addressing, inserting and wafer (tab) sealing

Mail Services can address your First Class envelopes, cards, or self-mailers with our direct ink-jet address printer. Depending on the job, Print Services may be able to address while printing (variable data printing), similar to merge printing. In either case, we will need a properly created data file.

Mail Services will also insert items into envelopes and wafer seal (tab) self-mailers. Folded cards and self-mailers must be wafer sealed before addressing and mailing or else a surcharge will be imposed by the USPS.

Please complete the Requisition for Addressing & Mailing Services for any addressing, inserting, or wafer sealing job and submit this form along with your print order. Contact a Mail or Print Services manager as needed. 2) Permit mailings

Permit Mailings

Mail Services maintains Non-Profit and First Class permits under the Barnard College name. We work with various outside printers and mailing houses to comply with all USPS regulations for discounted mailings and to streamline postage payments. Please complete the Requisition for Addressing & Mailing Services for any permit mailing. You may contact the Director of Mail and Print services at aanderson@barnard.edu

Business Reply Mail

Department wishing to use any type of Business Reply mail (Postage Paid by Addressee) or Courtesy Reply mail (Place Stamp Here) should contact Print Services. Print Services will create the design using special USPS approved software.

Business Reply mailings must conform to a strict USPS design standard. All such designs, whether printed here or with another vendor, must be approved by the Director of Mail & Print Services each time they are used as the requirements may change from year-to-year.

FedEx Express and Ground Shipping

See FedEx information page.