Get Involved | Stay Informed

This program provides you a variety of methods you can use to keep in touch with all the Barnard news and events. 

  • The Barnard Parents’ website contains information about events and programs.
  • Family Connections, the Barnard Parents’ newsletter, is automatically sent by email to parents and guardians of our students. You can view an archive of past newsletters, catalogued by date at Family Connections archive.
  • You can read Messages to the Barnard Community, emails sent to the College's students, faculty and staff regarding issues, events and news.
  • Barnard's Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion publishes a quarterly newsletter on the College's goals and programs that promote its mission to be the most diverse, inclusive, and equitable community possible. You can find archived editions at Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • You can join the Barnard Parents Council, a leadership giving society for the parents and grandparents of Barnard students. Members provide vital support to the Barnard Annual Fund and gain access to exclusive opportunities to deepen their connections with the College community. In addition, Barnard Parents Council members can assist students by volunteering through Beyond Barnard. For more information, visit Beyond Barnard Volunteer Opportunities. 
  • Email to
  • The Barnard Magazine is sent to parents and guardians of matriculating undergraduates. You can also find online content at Barnard Magazine.
  • Social media fans can follow us on: