How do I pay?

By accepting admission to Barnard and enrolling in classes, students accept responsibility for paying all debts for which they are liable, including tuition and fees. We assume that our students understand and will honor this financial obligation. For complete information on all aspects of our financial aid resources and policies, visit Barnard Financial Aid.

While we also understand that parents’ and guardians’ often provide financial support, payment is the responsibility of the student.  The Bursar's Office is responsible for billing each student for the appropriate charges as well as crediting grants, loans, and payments to the student’s bill.  An email from the Bursar's Office was sent to your student's Barnard email address to alert her to register for access to our Student Account Center (SAC).  If you are a parent and want access to this site, ask your student to invite you to  the site, and be sure to follow the instructions in the email invitation you will receive.  We are not able to speak to anyone other than students concerning their student accounts without their specific authorization via SAC.

When your student receives her bill, you can review with your student both the charges and the payments being credited to insure the amount due is correct. There are a number of different payment options available to families who have a balance to pay. Families can make online payments or enroll in a monthly payment plan. If you have questions about your bill and to see payment options, visit Barnard College Bursar's Office.