Summer Programs


01/ Live & Learn Like a College Student

No matter which program you choose, the opportunities in and out of the classroom are endless. Count on learning from outstanding faculty in small classes, engaging in lively discussions in workshops, utlizing campus resources, and developing your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Outside of class, learn how to balance academic work with an extensive array of night and weekend activities. 

02/ Explore Career Opportunities

Our Life After College series and Leaders in Action visits help you to begin thinking about your future plans.  Every Wednesday, students in the four-week program visit professional offices or organizations or attend on-campus seminars, while Leadership Institute students will meet with Barnard alumnae in their workplaces. These sessions introduce you to different fields and the education or professional training they require. In past summers, students have met with professionals from organizations such as the District Attorney's office, the American Civil Liberties Union, the United Nations, Sotheby’s auction house, film centers, architectural studios, and television networks. Through hands-on community service opportunities at sites like the Broadway Presbyterian Church soup kitchen or the Harlem Restoration Project, you can become more fully involved with neighborhood life.

03/ Build Leadership Skills

The Pre-College Program offers rich opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills, whether you join the literary magazine or participate in our organized leadership development program, the Young Women's Leadership Institute. You will learn new things about yourself, your sense of purpose, and how you work as a part of a team. The program's structure helps to foster student leadership, from its small size to its broad range of organized activities. You will discover that, at its best, leadership is based on strong relationships, and you will help to build the tight-knit community that characterizes the Pre-College Program experience.

04/ "Only in New York" Experience

Pre-College Program students explore more of New York City in a summer than many native New Yorkers do in a lifetime. Discover the dazzle of Broadway, the intensity of Wall Street, the reflecting skyscrapers of midtown, the diverse Chelsea art galleries, and the serenity of Central Park. Take in classical music at Carnegie Hall, ballet at Lincoln Center and salsa dancing at an outdoor festival. Visit the city's vast array of museums, from the Metroplitan Museum of Art to the Museum of the American Indian. Enjoy dim sum in Chinatown, tiramisu in Little Italy, and Ukrainian breakfasts in the East Village.